This app is based on the BIRDS OF ARGENTINA & URUGUAY – Total Edition, from Tito Narosky & Darío Yzurieta, published by Vázquez Mazzini Editores.

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Tito has been studying and observing wild birds for more than 4 decades, having made over 200 field trips and published hundreds of scientific papers and articles. He has had close bonds with Aves Argentinas since 1967, of which he is Honorary President; he conducted their first bird watching courses, directed the journal “El Hornero” and created the Escuela Argentina de Naturalistas. He was President of the Argentine branch of what is today BirdLife International. He added 5 species to the avifauna of Argentina, and one new to science: the White-collared Seedeater, as well as various unknown nests. He has authored or co-authored some 20 books, starting with “Entre Hombres y Pájaros” (1967), as well as field guides, both local and for neighboring countries, of which this one of Argentina & Uruguay is the best known.

  • Ilustraciones: DARIO YZURIETA

(1930-1996) Headed the department of Terrestrial Fauna in the Ministry of Agriculture of the Province of Córdoba, from where he did important work on dissemination. The Universidad Nacional de Córdoba made use of his documentaries. He was a wonderful bird artist and his ideas on ecology come through in “El Monstruo de 7000 Millones de Cabezas” (1981). Many published books give testimony to the quality of his illustration work. His drawings became widely known through this very book, “Birds of Argentina & Uruguay, a field guide”, which has sold over 40,000 copies.

  • Photo Editor: Roberto Güller


  • Bird Sounds: Bernabé López-Lanus / Audiornis Producciones     
  • Illustrations of new species: 
    • Jorge Rodríguez Mata (species : 173-226-419-455-633-674-807-854 as well as the drawings already included in the Gold Edition)
    • Marcelo Canevari (species: 9-216-328-383-389-398-438-566-618-810-894-896)
  • Range Maps: Juan Carlos Chebez
  • English Version: Alec Earnshaw
  • Cover Photograph: Héctor Rivarola

The Red-crested Cardinal Paroaria coronata was chosen for our cover because it symbolizes the splendor of the birds of the River Plate region and the pain of undeserved captivity.

  • Special contributions: Marcelo Bettinelli, Germán Pugnali, Christian Savigny, Sofía Wasylyk
  • Production: José Luis Vázquez, Fernando Vázquez Mazzini, Cristina Zavatarelli y Verónica B. de Vázquez Mazzini, para Vázquez Mazzini Editores.



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Aves Argentinas / AOP is working since 1916 for the conservation of wild birds and the environment of Argentina through environmental education, conservation management and research. It delivers bird-watching courses and organizes Argentina’s School of Naturalists; publishes the magazines “Nuestras Aves”, “Aves Argentinas” and “El Hornero”. Aves Argentinas is the Argentine partner of BirdLife International.